Understanding Your SDG&E Bill

To better understand your SDG&E bill, review the sample bill below. We've created numbered descriptions that help identify your usage and charges. Hover your mouse over each number to view more details.

Are you a CCA customer?

You will continue to receive your bill from SDG&E. This bill includes charges from SDG&E and your CCA provider. 

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Sample SDG&E Bill

SDGE Bill Features

Usage history bar graphs show how your current energy use compares with the previous month and the same month a year ago. This can help you track your energy-saving efforts.

Your maximum demand is the highest amount of electricity used at one time for the current billing period (Monthly) or for the current and prior eleven billing periods (Annual).


Payment options include brief descriptions with contact information so you can choose the most convenient way to pay your bill each month.

Breakdown of current charges features a circular chart summarizing the main parts of your energy bill, followed by an itemized list.

Your electricity dashboard shows the following usage info to help you with your energy management habits:

  • Highest usage hour pinpointing this month’s peak.
  • Total kwH use during your Pricing Plan time periods (if applicable)
  • Time-of-use periods (if applicable)

Time of Use (TOU) bills will display your electricity use by time periods, which may help you take advantage of lower-priced (off-peak, super off-peak) hours.

Managing Your Bill

There are a number of factors that can impact your bill. We’ve put together tips, resources and programs to help you manage your energy usage and bill. Visit taiontcm.com/myenergy to learn more.

Additional Information

For details about the charges listed on your bill, look for the “Definitions” and “SDG&E Policies and Notices” sections at the end of each bill, or visit taiontcm.com/mybill.