Understanding Your CCA Bill

Understanding Your CCA Bill


CCA and SDG&E Charges on Your Bill

As Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) customer, you will continue to receive your bill from San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E). This bill includes charges from SDG&E and your CCA provider — either San Diego Community Power (SDCP) or Clean Energy Alliance (CEA).  

Your combined energy bill will continue to include charges from SDG&E for electric delivery and other services that provide you with safe and reliable energy. If you receive natural gas service from SDG&E, your bill will also include costs related to natural gas service. 

To better understand the CCA and SDG&E charges on your monthly CCA bill, we’ve created a bill highlights page that breaks down your electric charges, a short walk through video and below you can see summarized sections of a sample bill with descriptions.

SDGE Bill Page 1

Not an actual bill. For illustrative purposes only.

  1. SDG&E Account Information You will need this information whenever you contact SDG&E or your Community Choice provider.

  2. Amount Due includes all your current and past due charges, including charges from your Community Choice provider, and corresponding payment due date.

  3. Summary of Current Charges  the charges billed for electric delivery (SDG&E) in the current billing period, as well as the total electric generation charges provided by your Community Choice provider. 
SDGE Bill Page 2

Not an actual bill. For illustrative purposes only.

4. Your Community Choice Provider name and contact information is listed here.

SDGE Bill Page 3

Not an actual bill. For illustrative purposes only.

5. Detail of Current Charges - Electric Charges  provides specific details on what SDG&E charges to deliver electric energy to your home or business and includes any applicable taxes and fees. This section includes: 

  • Electricity Generation represents the cost we would have charged you if we were purchasing electricity on your behalf. These charges are offset with an electric generation credit, which means the “Total Electric Service” line item excludes generation costs, as these charges are provided by your CCA. Details of the CCA electric generation charges appear on the bill under the heading of “Energy Service Provider (ESP) Electric Charges”. This is not a duplicate charge on your bill.
  • Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA) is paid by all customers in SDG&E’s service territory, including CCA customers, to recover the cost of legacy power contracts. Learn more about the PCIA.
SDGE Bill Page 4

Not an actual bill. For illustrative purposes only.

6. Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Electric Generation Charges  is where you can find the detail of charges provided by your Community Choice provider during this billing period. For questions regarding these charges, contact your Provider.

For Clean Energy Alliance, call 1-833-232-3110.

For San Diego Community Power, call 1-888-382-0169. 

Understanding Your Billing and Usage in My Account

We’ve recently upgraded My Account to breakdown the charges that go into your monthly energy bill including electric generation, electric delivery and state, taxes and other. You can learn more about each of the individual charges at  taiontcm.com/billhighlights.

Electric Generation
The cost of electric generation by your CCA
Electric Delivery
The costs of SDG&E's delivery of electricity
State Taxes and Other
City, state and public programs required charges

As a CCA customer, you will have access to portions of your billing and usage data through SDG&E’s My Account and mobile app to help you manage and keep track of your energy use and costs. You will also still be able to view your SDG&E billing and usage history prior to your transition to your Community Choice provider. 

Below are helpful features of your SDG&E My Account: 

1. Projected Bill will be available on your Home Page. Note that bill forecasting calculations use SDG&E electric generation costs as a proxy and do not reflect actual CCA costs. To view or download your actual bill statement, simply click on View Bill where you can choose to view or download your bill.

Projected Bill

For illustrative purposes only.

2. Compare Bills on your Home Page will give you the ability to compare your monthly costs so that you can see how your energy management actions have been helping. The costs are broken down by your Electric Generation Provider and SDG&E charges, as well as required taxes and fees.

Compare Bills

For illustrative purposes only.

​​​​​​3. Usage Info in your Usage dashboard provides:

  • Usage view where you can see up to 13 months of usage data
  • Usage history by monthly, daily or hourly view

If you are on a Time-of-Use pricing plan, you will be able to see how much energy you’ve used during your plan’s Peak periods.

Usage Info Chart

For illustrative purposes only.

4. Notification and Alerts  are helpful tools you can set in your Account view under Notifications Settings. You can sign up for emergency alerts, outage information and payment reminders, as well as energy cost and use thresholds. You can opt-in to receive notifications by email or text message. 

Notification and Alerts Settings

For illustrative purposes only.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Yes. We’ll continue to provide billing, metering collection, customer service, and other services to customers participating in a CCA program. Each month, the CCA will calculate its charges for electric generation and send them to SDG&E. We’ll then include the CCA electric generation charges on your monthly SDG&E bill.  After we receive customer payments, we’ll transfer payments for CCA charges to the CCA. 

Also note that if you take service from a CCA, you’ll no longer pay our rates for electric generation; instead you pay the CCA’s generation rates. A CCA may charge different electric generation rates than us, which leads to a change in the charges on your overall electric bill. A CCA will choose the power generation source on behalf of its customers. CCA providers may procure a different mix of energy resources than SDG&E’s resources. 

The portion of SDG&E’s generation rate that needs to be recouped through the PCIA depends on the year that your CCA began serving electric generation in your city. This year is your Vintage Rate.  

While your vintage year remains the same, the PCIA charge for the vintage year will likely change annually. Schedule CCA-CRS provides information on the current PCIA charges by vintage year. 

If you have questions about the SDG&E charges on your bill, contact us at 1-800-411-7343.  Also contact us if you have questions related to your pricing plan, or CARE and Medical Baseline.   

If you have questions about the CCA charges on your bill or CCA rates, you should contact your CCA. Contact Clean Energy Alliance (CEA) by calling 1-833-232-3110 or visit Clean Energy Alliance. 

Contact San Diego Community Power (SDCP) by calling 1-888-382-0169 or visit San Diego Community Power

Call SDG&E or visit My Account when requesting a pricing plan change. 

*As an SDG&E and Community Choice Aggregator (CCA) customer, your pricing plan consists of two main parts: 1) the costs associated with SDG&E’s delivery of electricity and 2) the cost of electric generation that your CCA purchases on your behalf. Because CCA’s pricing may vary, your estimated annual costs are based on SDG&E’s electric generation costs as a substitute and your past 12 months of electricity use. They do not reflect the actual CCA costs.