Smart Grid Benefits

The Smart Grid creates the foundation necessary for a number of new technology-driven energy alternatives that will reduce emissions, enable the shift to lower-emitting fuel for transportation and encourage more energy efficiency by providing real-time electricity usage data to customers.

Manage and control energy usage

Most people do not know how their energy is produced and delivered. If you don't measure it, you can't manage it. Smart Grid technologies enable consumers to know exactly how much electricity they use when they run their air conditioner, use the microwave or leave the lights on. 

Learn about the cool tools you can use to help manage your energy use

Help the environment and lower energy costs

The Smart Grid helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions 
and other pollutants by facilitating the connection of large amounts of renewable energy. It also enables technologies that make it easier for customers to reduce energy use or shift energy use to times when prices and emissions are lower. This savings in emissions and energy can lead to lower energy bills.

Connect electric vehicles

The Smart Grid will help accommodate California's growing number of electric vehicles (EVs). Today, the largest source of California's greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation. EVs play an important role in transitioning to a cleaner environment and energy independence.

Improve reliability

The Smart Grid upgrades decades-old equipment and infrastructure, which ensures that power is delivered safely and effectively. It also smooths the flow of power to decrease brownouts, blackouts and surges.